Why Transportation Management Software Is So Favored by Fulfillment Logistics Companies

The technological advancement over the course of the last few years has made supply chain management a whole new ballgame. With tools to track orders, manage the inventory and optimize the overall supply chain, you could stay a few steps ahead in your industry. Transportation Management Software or TMS is one of the most basic yet helpful technologies implemented by the leading fulfillment logistics company in the country and here’s why.

Live Order Tracking With TMS: transporting the products from the manufacturing unit or the supplier to the warehouse and then to the shipping establishment are vital aspects of the supply chain. Through Transportation Management Software systems your ecommerce fulfillment services can offer you live visibility of the order at every step of the way along with real-time order tracking so that you know every single detail about your products' transportation. Most importantly this advantage is also available for reverse logistics which means that if an order is returned by the customer, you know when the product will be back in the warehouse and plan your inventory and the production volume accordingly. 

Highly Advanced Algorithm for Supply Chain Optimization: AI-powered Transportation Management Software implements the latest technologies and ultra-modern algorithms for supply chain optimization. This relates to the fact that you could avail of perfect routes, the best shipping alternatives, and the most beneficial networks for your order completion process. With the help of TMS, fulfillment services can expand the horizons of your business and at the same time increase its reach and attract newer customers within a limited budget. 

Cost-Reduction: Cost reduction is one of the biggest benefits of the TMS used by eCommerce fulfillment logistics companies. Through network and transportation optimization, they ensure that you spend less and earn more when it comes to transportation and shipping of orders. 

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