3 Steps to Selecting the Right 3rd Party Logistics Company for Your Business

There are a number 3rd party logistics companies to help your business with all supply chain operations which makes partnering with the right company a tough choice. At the same time if you and your chosen 3PL solutions are not on the same page regarding the logistical aspects of order fulfillment it could be a huge stumbling block for your business. This is why hiring the right logistics service provider is absolutely essential for the success of your commercial venture and here are the top three factors that you need to consider before partnering up with 3rd party logistics companies

Your Business Goals: The very first step is to understand the industry you are in and set up long-term goals for your business. Once you know what you want from your chosen 3pl solutions, the search becomes relatively easy as now you can shortlist the agencies based on your requirements. Every industry has a specific set of necessities and your chosen supply chain management team should be able to provide you with the exigencies of your business. 

The Services Offered: While most of the top fulfillment centers in India more or less offer similar services there will be some distinguishing factors. Once you have a complete understanding of what sort of facilities your company needs, you can narrow down the search to those 3rd party logistics companies that provide their clients with the most crucial and prioritized services. For example, if you are dealing in fragile freights like glass and ceramics you would probably want to go for a 3pl solution that attaches special care to the transportation and packaging of the products. On the other hand, if your business involves bulk orders, a 3rd party logistics company with FTL shipping alternatives could be the smarter choice. 

The Rates: The charges asked by every 3rd party logistics agency vary from one company to the next. While certain agencies charge you on an hourly basis some other might have fixed rates that aren't as flexible. Depending, on the industry, the type of orders you usually receive, and the other supply chain attributes, you must compare the rates and choose the most cost-effective option from the top fulfillment centers in India

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