How Do Live Dashboards Help eCommerce Fulfillment Services In India?

Live dashboards can create a huge competitive advantage over the other companies in your industry. The top 3PL service providers in India provide their clients with live boards that make the entire supply chain easier to manage along with ended-to-end transparency. In fact, with the help of this technical tool, all the employees can be on the same page at receive real-time data from anywhere, through any device as long as they have access.


Here are the top three benefits of using a live dashboard implemented by the leading eCommerce fulfillment services in India.

Real-Time Order Tracking: Starting from the inventory and the number and types of products stocked at the warehouses to the transportation routes and even the shipping mode and network– with live dashboards all your team members will have a comprehensive idea about the state of every single order. The micro fulfillment centers in india makes the most of this technology to determine the expenses involved in transportation, route optimization, and even shipment tracking. 

Real-Time Data for Risk Management: The market trends are constantly changing as per the demands of the customers. And adapting to the market is one of the biggest challenges any business organization has to face. The ecommerce fulfillment services India use live dashboards for risk management through real-time data on the demands and close up the chasm between demand and supply that ultimately ensures client as well as customer satisfaction. 

End-To-End Supply Chain Transparency: There are a number of different processes included within the supply chain that involves different sets of people. With the help of live dashboards, the 3PL service providers in India keep all the associated teams' members on track and enable complete transparency so that every operation that is a part of the order completion process runs smoothly, without incurring extra costs and unwanted delays.

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