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Google always loves backlinks from .gov domains. These high authority backlinks command respect. Every website must have .gov backlinks pointing to them to look authoritative.

The reason why google loves these backlinks is because they are extremely difficult to obtain unless you are part of the government or educational fraternity. Everybody wants them, but not everyone can have them! Only authority or trusted Internet users with the proper access can obtain these links.

Why do people value .gov and .edu backlinks more than the traditional .com and the .nets backlinks? Educational institutions and governmental agencies are very particular about which websites they become affiliated with. Traditionally, the search engines value .edu and .gov links higher than .com and .net urls. Research states that .edu and .gov website backlinks to your website, are worth between 20-50 times a traditional .com and .net backlink from a decent website, with .govs worth the most.

You can struggle for months just to get one. Webmasters delete spammy links in a flash. We post on .gov sites and our comments and articles are just loved by the webmasters. Our links stay on these sites for long.

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