The Three Challenges Faces by E-Commerce Fulfillment Centers in India

The top fulfillment centers in India play a vital role in the process of order completion, particularly for brands and companies with an eCommerce page or website. They not only ensure their clients can fulfill the expectations of the buyers but are also crucial for customer satisfaction and increasing the reach of the business concerned. However, there are certain challenges that the eCommerce fulfillment centers in India have to face during the process.

Demand And Supply Planning: Demand and supply planning is one of the most complicated yet important aspects of any business venture. Since the costs involved in the business are heavily affected by the production and the sales, demand planning is an issue many 3rd party logistics providers have to face to avoid issues like dead stocking and understocking. Besides, if a product gains popularity but its production and storage cannot keep up with the demand, a gap gets created in the order completion process which can end up being a stumbling block for the clients.

Planning The Logistical Aspects of The Order Fulfillment: When an order gets shipped, there are several attributes of the shipping process that must take top priority. The method of shipping, the routes taken for the order to reach the customers, the time involved as well as ensuring that the ordered product does not get damaged are vital logistical aspects every ecommerce fulfillment services India must plan and design accordingly. With delays and damaged products, the client’s company runs the risk of a bad reputation and that can directly affect the revenues and sales. 

Executing The Overall Supply Chain: The supply chain covers all the components of the order completion process, starting from the acquisition of the raw materials to the final order delivery at the right address. Even with tremendous planning, issues like inventory running out of stock, damaged or broken goods, and wrong orders are challenges often faced by the third party logistics providers. This is why the execution of the supply chain is as important as planning. 

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