How Does a Live Dashboard Help the ECommerce Fulfillment Services in India

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an e-commerce fulfillment service in India is the use of live dashboards. A live dashboard helps all the employees involved in fulfillment to stay updated on the proceedings at all stages. Logistics fulfillment company are responsible for successful order completion. The end-to-end visibility that these agencies offer keeps your company on track of the whereabouts of every single customer order. Most brands with an e-commerce website absolutely love a live dashboard, and here’s why.

Performance Metrics: Performance metrics refers to the output from the different steps involved in the process of order completion. 3pl service providers in India attach utmost importance to keeping their clients updated about the performance of the stages like warehousing, transportation, shipping, and order tracking. If there is a delay in the order picking and packing, even that can be perceived from the live dashboard itself. 

Product Performance: Most companies like to know how a particular product is received and how well the target demographic accepts the said product, especially after launching a new product. The ecommerce fulfillment services India keep their clients informed about their products' acceptance and purchase rates through their live dashboards. Once the portal has been updated, every individual directly concerned with the product gets clear on the idea and can therefore prepare for the same. If the customers do not show enough curiosity or if the number of orders isn’t sufficient, then the brand can move on to the next venture and cater only to a specific number of purchasers without spending much time and capital on the said product. This helps the business to a great extent in the long run. 

Inventory Management: Through live dashboards, a logistic fulfillment service in India can keep track of the inventory and manage them efficiently. This means there are no unforeseen delays, and the entire order completion process is finished on time. This also enables the agency to keep its inventory updated. 

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