List of Potential Love Interests

In that you'll be pursuing and housing alien slimes on your ranch, Slime Rancher 2 will be remarkably similar to its predecessor. However, the sequel will have a far wider selection of slimes and even more area for you to explore! Many aspects of Slime Rancher 2 will be similar to the original, but you won't believe how different it is.

Check out GamerJournalist's countless guides on the game for an added boost if you haven't finished the original Slime Rancher yet and want to finish it before playing the sequel.
Potion Permit offers a lot of enjoyable life simulation gameplay. There is a lot of crafting and exploring to do in the game. Days will be spent gathering and making goods while also making friends with the residents of the sleepy town of Moonbury. But why stop with making friends? Perhaps there is more between you and that villager. Who might that be? Who would pique your interest? You can date a few particular Moonbury bachelors and bachelorettes, and here's how. The choices for romance in Potion Permit are shown here.
List of Potential Love Interests snow rider 3d

In Potion Permit, you are only allowed to court and entice six potential Moonbury town residents. Who you can or cannot build a close relationship with does not depend on your initial gender selection. There are always all six possibilities available; it just depends on who you spend the most time with. Click here to find out how to easily make friends with someone and go to a deeper level of friendship. On to our list we go.

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