Trial production | Make the ENDEAVOR's arms !

It was done to make a costume of Endeavor which appears on MY HERO ACADEMIA !!

In order to search for materials to become a material, I was huffing at the home center...
I found the item that I could say was perfect ! It was surprisingly pink trash can !!

附件:   #007E エンデヴァ腕アーマー試作1英


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"鈴清 樹" is creating "動画 造形 Molding tech."
◆動画+解説◆ 初心者の頃、教えて欲しかった事の全て!
鈴清 樹 is creating 動画 造形 Molding tech.

◆動画+解説◆ 初心者の頃、教えて欲しかった事の全て!
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