"Ottosfoxhole" is creating "Doujin and Illustrations"

I draw 21 year old ladies.  




初めまして、オット (Otto) と申します。




描いたものはほぼ全部ピクシブと自分のサイト(http://ottosfoxhole.com/) に検閲された画像をアップロードします。だから、エンティで早めのアクセスをできますし進行中作業や高解像度やPSDも見えます。










Hello, my name is Otto.


I draw many nude pin ups of girls. Sometimes I draw them in sexual yet comedic situations based on relevant controversy or historical references. Nowadays I'm working on creating my first doujinshi told and presented in a style heavily influenced by Western cinema. It will be in full color, emphasis on the actions of characters, not too much dialogue, fewer panels than typical doujin or manga, and natural angles. It'll be mostly comprised of paintings that tell a story. I don't like creating a plot without any direction or emotion, so I tend to write stories featuring psychological or mature themes with very graphic sex scenes. There isn't always a moral or a profound message, but I like to have fun with it so I hope you'll enjoy my way of creating douijnshi.


I intend to post most of my art on my personal website (http://ottosfoxhole.com) and Pixiv in lower resolution or censored in the case of Japanese platforms, so Enty is just a way for you to access my content early, view works in progress, and get high resolution files and PSD files of my art.


There currently isn't any way to get physical copies of my work since I have never been to Japan and I don't know when I will be able to visit, but with your help, I may be able to go someday and bring you my online publications to conventions such as Comiket.


Please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions. I can always have someone translate it.


Thank you very much.