Rapala Fishing

Rapala Fishing Game allows players to control their ship to any place they want to fish. Each fish that the player catches will display information such as weight, scientific name, length, etc. Additionally, you can also choose different baits to get yourself the most "tasty" fish.
Rapala fishing is tiny fishing with beautiful 3D graphics.
Seamless gameplay above and below water offers close-up views of a variety of fish. Experience the war firsthand!
Immerse yourself in stunning 3D locations across North America.
Catch many unique fish species! You're guaranteed to feel like you're on the water!
Rapala fishing has some fun challenges, and it feels good as you progress. I really like the sparkling fish that, when landed, gives you as much attraction as the fish. There's potential here, and hopefully the current version doesn't hinder future improvements.


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