How do the ecommerce order inventory fulfilment services operate?

Once you have partnered with the best ecommerce order inventory fulfillment service, they take charge of the operations. You now need to send your products to them either directly or indirectly. For the best results, both your and your partners order management soft software be integrated. 


How do the order inventory fulfilment services work?

Once the order inventory fulfilment service providers get your order, they receive and log it into their system. Once the quality check is done, the products are sent for storage till sale. For particular products, you can order specific services and solutions to ensure that the same is safe and secure. 


The process of 3pl e-commerce fulfillment service now starts when -


  • Receiving an order from a customer 


Once the ecommerce order inventory fulfilment service provider gets an order for your product, they scan for the available products. They begin the fulfilment process and communicate the same to your customers.

  • Pick and pack


The fulfilment services now pick and pack the orders as promised. The use of automation and robotics ensures that each order package is accurate and complete. The software also ensures that the entire process is handled quickly and immediately. 

Once the same is done, the Centers update the information on your inventory and order management software.

  • Preparing for the shipment


The business now undertakes steps to ensure the effective delivery of your orders. They have special courier and last-mile delivery solutions that ensure each order reaches quickly and reliably. Depending on your needs, you can choose local and international fulfilment services without incurring additional costs.

  • Returns and exchanges


If a customer is unhappy with your products, these order inventory fulfillment service providers ensure the order is picked up. You do not have to worry about selecting a new service provider or wasting colossal money. The entire system is managed smoothly by the experts at the selected centres and their technical support.

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