Aleenta Resort & Spa Phuket Phang Nga, Thailand?

This five-star resort is perfect for a health and wellness retreat thanks to its breathtaking position on phrazle lovely Natai Beach, its award-winning spa, and its brand-new Seasons restaurant, a plant-based fine-dining diner. Private pools with sun patios or swim-up access to a pool are available in all save the smallest of the rooms here (the lofts, at 861 square feet). 

The 43-room Hotel Royal Victoria, located on the shores of Lake Como in ancient Varenna, was named after the British monarch who visited there in 1838: Queen Victoria. The building housing the hotel was a textile mill in the 19th century. Guests may enjoy stunning views of the world-famous lake from their rooms, savor authentic Italian cuisine at the brand-new restaurant, and take a leisurely walk through the lush grounds of the neighboring Villa Cipressi.


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