In Starfield, Bethesda is altering the pickpocketing rules

Characters who rely on stealth will need to exercise a little more caution in Bethesda's space RPG Starfield than they did in the studio's earlier titles. The game no longer pauses whenever you choose to pickpocket someone, like it did in Fallout or Skyrim. Instead, it will occur in real time, and you will need to remain close to them while performing it.

The Reddit user OkPain2022 provided a video in which he demonstrated the process of pickpocketing. Of course, you'll still have to stoop down and approach them; once you do, a prompt allowing you to steal from them will appear. A second menu will then show you what they have and your chances of successfully stealing each item.

Some supporters questioned if lock-picking would fall under the same law."I'm curious to see if lock picking works the same way. It is getting dark and makes trying to open a lock with evil guys close quite stressful, one user wrote. Others jokingly said, "No more putting on the kettle while I ponder what to steal," regarding how they no longer have time to complete practical activities.

It's also important to note that Bethesda has already made a feature play out in real time. The game would pause anytime you choose to loot something in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. But that wasn't the case in Fallout 4 anymore. Everything in your immediate vicinity would continue to move normally while you were looting.

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