What makes 3PL Services so crucial for e-commerce businesses?

The demand for 3PL Services is on the rise and it offers businesses the right distribution and fulfillment services to attain the best results.


Selecting the best 3PL Service Provider of Logistics can help to outsource the operations, and attain end-to-end solutions and other supply chain benefits. These form a vital part of modern e-commerce management and are known to deliver cost benefits.


Your selected B2C Logistics Services providers will document and send special SLA or Service Level Agreements to detail the scope, duration and costs of the offered services.  Thus, you pay only for the services desired instead of being bound by highly expensive yearly contracts.


Top B2C Logistics Services


Although these services can vary depending on the selected organization yet here are some of the common services on offer-


  • Procurement - The service providers aid in ordering, delivery, and receipt of orders from geographically dispersed locations.
  • Order fulfillment services- Getting orders from customers, picking and packaging these is important for orders to be completed and shared.
  • Storage - Providing temporary storage for goods in the warehouse and fulfillment of orders.
  • Transport – These organization also helps to arrange consolidation, deconsolidation’s, transportation, etc.
  • Supplementary services - These organizations offer a range of supplementary services like IT integration, inventory management, data exchange, reporting, reverse logistics, etc.

As your supply chain management partners, these may offer the following benefits -

  • Manage inventory on your behalf
  • Identify stock levels and raise orders with suppliers and manufacturers
  • Arranging transportation of goods to the designated warehouse
  • Receive goods into the warehouse and manage storage

How do these service providers impact 3pl services? 

One of the top benefits of selecting the services is to manage the safe storage of the goods and for this, the following may be used -

  • Public warehousing to attain priority movement, capacity and demand.
  • Contact warehousing for renting out to selected customers.
  • Special storage for products like food, fragile items, etc.
  • Special security for valuable items or sensitive goods.

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