Duotrigordle Word Game

Duotrigordle is a difficult word game that Wordle fans looking for a new challenge will enjoy. You won't have to figure out an entire sentence; instead, you'll have 37 chances to choose individual words from a list of 32. On the screen, there will be 32 boards, and you can only type one word at a time. Reading the boards one block at a time and using the different colored suggestions will help you find the most correct words. You can brag about your high scores on the internet by visiting duotrigordle game.

Please explain the card game Duotridordle to me.

To begin, type a random letter from the alphabet into the first spot of the word. Please type text into the grid using the provided keyboard. At the same time, the letter will be written in four different words.
2. Enter the first five characters, then press the "Enter" key when finished. You must continue to add words until the board is completely filled. When you have correctly guessed every word, the board will be closed and you will move on to the next round.
Third, a quick glance at the color indicators can tell you how close you are to getting the right color. When you've found all of the letters and arranged them correctly, you'll see a green tile. Yellow tiles indicate that the correct letters were chosen but were arranged incorrectly. Some of these tiles appear gray because they lack letters that would make them the correct color.
Continue scrolling down to see all 32 cubes. There will be 37 opportunities to guess as many words as you can.
5. Once you've completed all of the puzzles, you can submit your solutions to the website.

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