Does my budding e-commerce business need the right fulfillment center?

Even for a new business, handling e-commerce fulfillment on an everyday basis is tough and challenging. Choosing an appropriate fulfillment center for your small business can make a huge difference. It also takes a lot of things away from your plate and saves you money from day one!


Choosing the top order fulfillment companies can help you to save money and improve service quality and levels to promote the brand experience.


Benefits of choosing a 3PL service provider


As shipping costs across the nation rise, the expenses for online retailers also increase causing a direct impact on earnings. The only way to manage these costs is through a dedicated 3PL service provider. These help you to drive savings through order volume and piggyback on their existing infrastructure to get better freight rates. Outsourcing these operations also brings better bargaining power in terms of packaging and shipping.


Customer service and returns can be a major problem for your business and can take a large chunk of your time and escalate the costs. These required special attention, customer support, efficient returns, etc. to manage reverse logistics and associated costs.


Similarly, you can save yourself from in-house fulfillment costs and capture a wider geographical area. This results in optimal cost savings and reduces transit times.


Does running an in-house order fulfillment work?


When you choose to run an in-house order fulfillment, you end up coughing more than the desired expenses and choosing to outsource the same can be a great idea in any case. Doing so helps you to manage the expenses like labour, rentals, equipment, etc.


Further, you pay merely for the services sought i.e. you save huge on fixed costs and overhead expenses.  Also, a good third-party fulfilment warehouse can bring professionals, industry leadership, experience, technology, etc. 

This brings seamless integration with sales and other management operations while optimizing tasks like inventory optimization.


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