The Different Processes Involved in Order Fulfillment by The Leading Third Party Logistics Providers

Order fulfillment is not a piece of cake and comprises of several different proceedings that go on behind the curtain. The third party logistics providers receive inventory, store them in the proper warehousing and storage units, pack and ship the order and finally deliver the order at the customer’s given address. The top fulfillment centers in India have leading technologies and a highly efficient team of professionals to handle all of these processes with utmost care.

Receiving Inventory and Storage: When an inventory comes in, the 3pl management services inspect them and record the data on the live dashboard that is integral to inventory management. Scanning bar codes, sending the inventory for long or short-term storage for distribution of the existing sale– all of the work is completed by the third-party logistics providers.

Order Processing and Management: Order processing at the top fulfillment centers in India comprises of order picking and packing. Either the orders are picked up manually or by automated robots and then send in for packing. Order picking is one of the most important processes because a slight mistake can result in a delayed delivery or an absolutely wrong delivery at the customer’s address.  The next process, packing the item also needs particular care. To avoid any damage to the order, then right placing is required and the third-party logistics providers have the right materials for that.

Shipping, Delivery, And Return: The next stage is vital for successful order completion where the 3pl management systems ship the packed the product through the best shipping alternatives and the purchased product is sent out for delivery. The third-party logistics providers also have amazing return policies where the order is picked up at the customer’s convenience, with easy and quick refund.


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