How Do Dashboards Provided by E-Commerce Fulfillment Services in India Help Your Business

A single dashboard for all the members of the team of a logistics fulfillment company not only makes the procedure of order fulfillment a lot smoother but also effectively increases the efficiency and the performance of the team. With real-time data and constant updates, you are aware of every single proceeding of the supply chain carried on by the 3pl service providers in India. A comprehensive dashboard provides live visibility of the inventory and the orders at every stage which also allows you to track your products better.


If you are wondering what makes dashboards crucial for the success of your business, read on to find out.

Performance of The Products and Customer Behavior: Ecommerce fulfillment services India help you to understand the market trends by analyzing the performance of your products. Every company manufactures multiple different items for its customers. While some of them might be really appreciated and accepted, the others don’t fare that well. Through live dashboards, you can focus on the products that are more likely to draw in a bigger number of customers than the others. Similarly, you also get an insight into customer behavior and what they think about their purchases from your brand. 

Inventory Tracking and Management: Once an order has been placed, the item is picked from the inventory and moved for packing and shipping. This means that there is a gap in the inventory that needs to be restocked at the earliest opportunity, depending on the demand for the said item. The eCommerce fulfillment services in India track the inventory through their dashboard to ensure that goods are restocked and there is no gap in the demand and supply. One of the most important benefits of dashboards is that the tracking is done in real-time which not only prevents unnecessary delays in the process of order fulfillment but also offers maximum customer satisfaction.


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