What Makes Warehouse Management Services So Vital For 3pl Service Providers in India?

Warehousing and inventory are intrinsic to supply chain management. All the manufactured products get stored there safely and once an online order is placed, it gets picked, packed, and shipped from the warehouses. Warehouse Management Software systems implemented by the ecommerce fulfillment services India help you to automate and manage your warehouse and the inventory stored there efficiently and reduce the manual workload by a huge margin. Here are the top two reasons that make WMS an absolute need of the hour for the 3pl service providers in India

Live Tracking of The Inventory: Once an online order is placed by the customer, the ordered product gets picked from the inventory and transported for shipping. This means that the inventory needs to be constantly updated without delays to bridge the gap between demand and supply. With Warehouse Management Software systems, your chosen logistics fulfillment company helps you to track the inventory in real-time. Or in other words, you get to know when an item is removed from the inventory and plan your production accordingly. WMS also benefits your company by reducing the chances of dead stocks and understocking which could cause unnecessary delays in the process of order completion and also negatively affect your sales, and thereby the Returns on Investments or ROIs. 

Optimized Workflow: With the help of WMS the 3pl service providers in India help you to optimize the workflow. Whether you choose FIFO where the products being manufactured first go out before the rest or FEFO where the products with a shorter expiry period are usually shipped first, the WMS provides all the assistance your logistics fulfillment company needs to streamline the workflow.

Easily Accessible Dashboards: One of the biggest pros of dashboards of the WMS is that it offers complete visibility and real-time data of all the involved operations of the supply chain. These dashboards used by the eCommerce fulfillment centers in India can be accessed easily anytime, from anywhere, and do not require a specific device.


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