FTL Vs LTL Freight Shipping 3PL Solutions— Which Is Better for Your Company?

The top logistics fulfillment company offer both Less Than Truck Load or LTL shipping and Full Truck Load or FTL shipping services. Depending on the weight, dimensions, and classification of the freight to be shipped as well as the time constraints, the type of shipping varies. During the process of order completion, the order fulfillment services must take into account all these aspects to choose either FTL or LTL shipping alternatives for the maximum benefits of your company. So here is a list of advantages of less than Truck Load and Full truck Load shipping methods. 


Full Truck Load (FTL Shipping):

For FTL shipping the cargo does not need to be shifted from one vehicle to another meaning that the chances of damage can be reduced to a minimum if any. Moreover, since a single shipment is going to cover the entire available space, the time taken is also decreased owing to the lesser number of stops on the route. The advantages of 3pl solutions implementing FTL are as follows.

1. For large and high-risk shipments, FTL is undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice. Be it one large item or a bulky order, since the entire space inside the transporting vehicle is devoted to a single shipment, it is less expensive to shit it all at once rather than in small groups and can help the logistics fulfillment companies massively for cost reduction.

2. Full Truck Load shipping is also perfect for shipments when the time is of the essence and at the same time, the cargo requires special care. Since there is no transferring of vehicles involved in the shipping process, this 3pl solution can guarantee minimum risk to the goods with the least amount of transportation time. 

Less Than Truck Load (LTL) Shipping:


When the orders are not sufficiently big enough to take up the entire trailer space and weigh between hundred and ten thousand pounds, the method of shipping is termed as Less Than Truck Load. The benefits of LTL include the following.

1. LTL is highly beneficial for medium and small businesses where the orders are usually smaller in number since you also need to pay a lesser amount since the shipments are often added to other orders.

2. When the demand for a certain product change, you do not need to pay for the entire shipping vehicle, and the flexibility in the rates is an important benefit of LTL 3PL solutions.

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