Why does your eCommerce business need a dedicated fulfilment centre?

E-commerce is booming and the sales are skyrocketing. Stricken with the pandemic, the customers are switching to online orders to reduce the chances of catching infections. 


As a result, more offline retail stores are also gearing up for the transition and have opted for online sales as an extension of their storefront sales. Hence, the demand for dedicated fulfilment centres is on the rise. 


fulfilment centres

Reasons to invest in a fulfilment centre


The push toward online orders have raised the demand for third-party service providers who can help to store, pack and deliver products with minimal turnaround time and overhead costs. Small businesses opt for such fulfilment in the USA to widen their reach and safeguard themselves from problems associated with traditional supply chain solutions.


By outsourcing the work to a fulfilment warehouse in the USA, your business can focus on its core operations instead of handling the entire order fulfilment process yourself. This reduces the demand for human resources, increases profits and lowers the chances of mistakes while augmenting customer satisfaction. Such centres have specialists to handle operations like packaging, shipping, etc. along with quality software systems to ensure that your business attains the best results. Some of these offers all-round the year services which bring a seamless experience.


Benefits for startups and small entrepreneurs


With startups beginning their operations from basements, garages, attics, etc. they slowly face the problems of space. As their business grows, their work spaces turn into a mess of products, packaging materials and supplies. This adds to the woes of the same. Shipping orders to individual suppliers eats into the profits, increases the chances of mistakes and slows down the business growth trajectory. This can also slow down the production process for the product. Research estimates that businesses lose an aggregate of $62 billion each year due to such issues. 


Larger businesses take advantage of third-party services to handle the situation and eat away from smaller competitors by launching similar products at competitive prices. This proves to be a death knell for small businesses. Experts recommend signing up for the services of third parties to handle the situation. 

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