Does my business need a 3pl solutions provider?

If you are an e-commerce brand working in a highly lucrative marketplace like India with a diverse customer base but lower profit margins, it is important to ensure that your business controls its overall costs and delivery time. 

Having a 3pl solutions provider means having specialists to support your brand, business, redistribution, warehousing and fulfilment services with minimal investment. Such service providers bring end-to-end management and support which makes them a vital part of the supply chain management system.


3pl solutions


How do Third-party order fulfilment services matter for businesses?


If your business is without a dedicated order fulfillment services provider and you are shipping all these orders yourself then chances are that your business is facing huge money and time challenges. Minus these, your business is unable to attain optimal discounts, performance or negotiate on shipping costs. Slowly, you find challenges in marketing your business or attracting customers. 

However, with the right logistics fulfillment company, you can split your inventory costs, take advantage of bulk delivery and achieve discounts.


Benefits of a logistics fulfilment company


Outsourcing e-commerce fulfilment services to 3pl can help you to save around 15-30 per cent on your e-commerce shipping rates. They also help you to browse through e-commerce shipment rates, service providers and offerings. This helps make cost-effective plans.


Additionally, partnering with the right company helps you to split the inventory among fulfilment centres and this allows you to speed up the delivery process. It controls the transit times and costs.


By partnering with the right tech-enabled service provider, your business gets access to a variety of tools, inventory reports, guidance programs and key metrics, etc. Thus, you can make informed decisions, seamless experience and deliver the best customer service. 


With a technology-driven business, your business gets insights like –


  • Real-time tracking
  • Inventory management, forecasts and scheduling shipments
  • Demand-based data, assessment of bestsellers
  • Sales and performance reports

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