What makes XPDEL the best e-commerce fulfilment company in India?

Top brands like XPDEL are market leaders in e-commerce fulfilment and shipping solutions. Such service providers are redefining the e-commerce solutions and market value. 

In a highly competitive marketplace like India with many sellers offering comparable solutions, small businesses struggle to meet their business demands and face a huge cash crunch. However, outsourcing operations to specialized order fulfillment centers in India can help you to lower the costs and serve customers effectively and efficiently.


order fulfillment centers in India

This helps to reduce the cost of transportation, decrease delivery time and offers valuable guidance on streamlining the processes. For a small business, these can help to reduce problems and ensure that they focus on their long-term profitability and growth plans.


Need of outsourcing an order fulfilment centers in India


As one of the best 3rd party logistics companies, the brand helps you to determine your ongoing requirements, future expectations, sales forecast, etc. This allows your business to scale effectively and automate your workflow while managing heavy-duty operations.


Thus, they help you to deliver quality results by - 

  • Streamline order inflows and outflows
  • Packaging and shipping of the right product
  • Boosting customer satisfaction by speeding delivery
  • Offering returns, if needed.


What makes it the best e-commerce fulfilment company?


Unlike other ecommerce fulfillment companies relying on obsolete technology and human-intensive operations, XPDEL brings a sea of transformation for your business.


It also offers an extensive technological boost by helping you to - 

  • Monitor your inventory levels through a dashboard.
  • Ensure that the right inventory levels are available at all times 
  • Performance metrics, identifying peak hours, days and months
  • Detailed insights into orders, bestsellers and product returns. 
  • Details of customer behaviour, buying patterns, delivery expectations, etc.
  • Real-time access to data
  • Predicting demand and forecasting shortages
  • Managing orders, optimizing returns, inventory levels and lower scalability issues
  • Shipments of orders through the best locations to lower costs per order
  • Ensuring that order inflows are matched with a speedy response


The agility and proactive planning associated with such networks can mean that your business is free of - 

  • Challenges of product cataloguing
  • Managing orders as per SKU
  • Overcome order mismatch, etc.

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