Myths about an e-commerce fulfillment company

While fulfillment is an important process in the success of your e-commerce business, there are a few myths about an e-commerce fulfillment company that should be addressed well. These are:



1. Fulfillment centers are warehouses

It is a myth that fulfillment centers are all about warehousing. It is only an element of the complete package that a true fulfillment center will offer. They do not store your products for long, only as long as it is required to turn over and complete the order.


2. Fulfillment centers need to be located close to customers

One of the most common misconceptions about fulfillment centers is about their location. For example, fulfillment centers in Dallas will be catering to customers in Dallas only. This is not true. The location of the center should never be the basis of your decision to work with a fulfillment center. Rather, use data to analyze the performance of the center before deciding.


3. Going in for a fulfillment center in the countryside will help save money

This is another wrong concept that online merchants have. It is far from true. Choosing a fulfillment center in the middle of nowhere can only complicate matters because shipping and logistics costs will be too high.


4. Fulfillment is an easy process, and I can do it myself

While upfront, many online businesses assume that they can do a better and cheaper job, it is not so. You will need a fulfillment center to expand your business. Maybe not initially, but when your business starts to grow, you will have too many apples in one basket by choosing to fulfill orders all by yourself. The costs can also go up dramatically.



Before working with a USA fulfillment center, make sure that you dispel these myths and start your search process with an open mind.


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