The daily newspapers are simply too obvious

Today, we embark on an entirely new journey to the wealth and prosperity of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Let's get 2020 off to a good start and make this year a wonderful year. The content of this guide describes how to create credits with SWTOR  according to the latest improved version of Onslaught in patch.

Why do I need credit? That is a silly question. That should be obvious, come on. However, if you are unsure, credits provide stability. Stability helps a lot. Something goes wrong, you use credits to undo the damage and get back what you lost. Do you really want something or do you just need something to progress? You buy it. Do you want to get to the top and see everyone from the hills? A lot of money can easily serve as a ladder that goes further. And you need a lot of credits to get to the top. Let's start teaching you how to make a lot of money. And don't worry, let's get rid of the daily heroic. The daily newspapers are simply too obvious.

What exactly is a good guild and why is it important? A good guild is not always a friendly place. It is very rare that even the weakest players have a serious guild that is very safe. It is basically a machine in which all the gears work correctly towards the end goal. A good union is a place where inefficient people come out and are unwilling to work. It's a harsh reality, but the sooner you get it, the better the guild and the better the guild. You should be challenged by the people of the guild and build relationships "in the middle of the battle" through endurance, respect, and diligence. It is not a non-smoking place. A good guild will generally demand that you improve, so pick up your pace and be serious. You can reach your credit goals with your account.

How can a guild make you earn money? Your guild must be active and its people must be willing to prosper. How do you do that with a guild? If you want guilds that are constantly conquering and invading the planet, these guild missions are very important. All guild members should be able to easily achieve their conquest points and personal goals in a good guild. Completing them will give you the many crafting items you need for top-notch crafting recipes. They are very important for the finals and are always in demand. But they are never available. Earn at least 3 million credits by selling the solid resource matrix that you earn by achieving these goals. This is a very good amount for these types of activities. It's a good sale. So if you invade one or two planets in a guild, this method really benefits you.

It's best to hit these goals in multiple classes and get x times the number of characters at level 75. Oh, that's a drawback. You must be level 75 to earn money with this technique.

But the main reason you want an active and leading guild is that everyone is striving for the goal of conquering the guild. The best things happen when your guild can make big returns. The reason is simple. Once a guild has achieved a goal, it is not difficult to achieve it, but all you really need is some discipline. All characters in the guild will also receive some good things, which are also counted in the Solid Resource Matrix. To be exact, four of them.

And keep in mind what we said: all the characters that are in that guild. Let's say you have 5 characters at level 75 and they are all in the guild. You managed to achieve all your personal goals, and your guild goals were also achieved in Large Yield. You will receive 2 solid resource matrices for each personal objective achieved, and each character in the guild will earn 4 solid resource matrices. 30 Solid Resource Matrices will be awarded for each goal completed. At least 1.5 million credits. All of them can be sold for 45 thousandths of an inch or later used to make crafts. And these objectives can be completed weekly. 45 thousandths of an inch every week! If you watch a long game, there are not that many, but it sums up.

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