How to use Reddit video download site: Redditvideodownloader

Assuming you're browsing Reddit and like a video and want to download it, do the following:

  1. When opening a video on Reddit, click the video address in your browser;
  2. Now right click and then click Copy;
  3. Now open the reddit video downloader with sound website and click on the search box;
  4. Inside the search box, click again with the right mouse button and now click Paste;
  5. Click the magnifying glass next to the search box;
  6. The website will start downloading the video. Below the video there is a resolution options box, choose which one you want;
  7. Now click Download and that's it, the video will start downloading.


Since its function is to download videos and music from Reddit, there are native solutions for Windows that do the same thing. We have a full article that walks you through several ways to do this.


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