SoundCloud responds that it is "here to stay"

As the uncertainty of its future grows, SoundCloud is forced to explain ...
The statement of the co-founder of SoundCloud, Alex Ljung, opened the box of thunder both inside and outside doors to the popular platform streaming music. And if on Thursday, July 7, it announced a serious plan to restructure its offices that included the layoff of 173 workers and the closure of its corporate presence in San Francisco and the United Kingdom, just over a week later it has been forced to give more explanations.

Certain media such as TechCrunch had spread alleged leaks that cast doubt on SoundCloud's financial self-sufficiency beyond the fourth quarter of 2017 (Q4, Q4). If true, they would mean the closure of the service during this year, unless the top management of the platform gets support from third parties, private investors or other companies.

The only certain thing at this time is that SoundCloud has not publicly denied those alleged leaks nor has it revealed more details about its viability plan. And yet Ljung did express his approach to keeping the company on "long-term independent success" and "profit" paths that allow them to maintain "control of SoundCloud's independent future."

That "noise" must be deafening within the company, too annoying, for it to lead them to speak out again through another statement ...

SoundCloud makes music prevail over the noise

All the information, rumors, and suspicions about additional covert data that are being generated around the first news - described as "noise" by the co-founder of SoundCloud - have generated a panorama of great mistrust among users, as well as thousands of written lines in music and technology news media.

But that "noise" must be deafening within the company, too annoying, for it to lead them to speak out again through another statement on their official blog, the full translation of which we offer below. We assume that the mass downloads of material produced in recent days will have had their own impact effect on Ljung's words (read our recommendations for tools to save your music from the platform in case of a possible debacle).

Our current recommendation for any user is that logic and trust prevail: after all, SoundCloud is still that wonderful service that did such great things for the music of independent artists on the Web. And certainly, its operations do not show any loss. in quality of service. We all want the SoundCloud cloud to stay clear and safe on the driest shore of this storm. And surely, the rays of light will soon emerge between its orange cotton shapes.

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