Sample story

To give you a taste of things to come and a small preview, here's a short story originally written for fun rather than anything else, featuring two of the Resistance members in.. hmm... a bit of action.

Hot night

Something woke her up. Sunny felt her tail was tingling, like it had a mind of its own, making her roll and rub her paws against the sheets. What the heck? She opened her eyes - the room was covered in darkness, artificial sunlight generator was still idle, just humming monotonously, its batteries charging before the dawn. No blaring alarm, no sudden night Mission call. The only alarming noise was Miyako's loud snoring coming from the opposite bunk but that's just the part of common room's ambience, nothing to worry about. Yet, something…


Suddenly she felt someone's presence right next to her. 


Suddenly she felt someone's presence right next to her. She shivered, almost sit on the bed, eyes wide open. Shadowy figure gasped quietly, her fluffy ears wiggled.

- 'Shhh... it's just me.' - Sunny heard soft whisper. 

- 'Cuddles! What the hell..?!' - Sunny somehow managed to keep her voice under control, hissing through her teeth. - 'You want to give me a heart attack, girl? What are you doing? Why aren't you in your bed?'

- 'I... I felt lonely..' - ears wiggled again.

- 'Lonely? What are you talking about? Go back to sleep, dammit, it's a middle of a night.' - irritated, Sunny stretched her slender body, her tail zig-zagging under the military blanket. She rolled over demonstrating anger, pulling blanket over her bare shoulders, staring at a dirty wall.

Fluffy silhouette of Cuddles' head hesitated, her ears shivering.

- 'Sunny... I had this dream again.. You know, that time when...' - she stopped, unsure whether to continue.

Sunny swallowed. Not this again. Yeah, she knows, she was there. If she arrived five minutes later, she would be too late. Cuddles's petite body would have been torn by those huge filthy...

- 'I'm sorry...' - ears almost folded in half - 'It's stupid, I know. Sleep. I'm sorry, I...' 

Cuddles stood up, her small white top and tiny panties barely visible in the dark. Sunny exhaled, making sure it's loud enough. 

- 'Get in'.

Cuddles didn't move but her fluffy tail started making anxious waves.

- 'Are you sure? I can...'

- 'Shut up and get in.'

Cuddles quickly jumped under her blanket, pressing her small body against hers. Sunny bit her lip. Relax, you're just comforting a friend. Just sleeping in the same bed, no big deal. Soldiers do it all the time. Just go to sleep.

- 'Good night, Cuddles'.

- 'Good night, big sister.'

Calling her like this again. Certainly didn't help Sunny to feel more comfortable. She tried forcing herself to sleep, focusing on monotonous hum of the generator. She knew it was pointless. She could feel Cuddles's soft body rubbing gently against hers. Dammit, just stop moving this way. Her bloody tail activated again and started to wiggle and twist anxiously. Fuck, get it under control, it's your own fucking tail. This is shaping to be a really...

- 'Sunny?' - soft warm whisper, right into her left ear. She felt a drop of sweat rolling down her neck. Here comes.

- 'Go to sleep, Cuddles..' - last feeble attempt. She could feel Cuddles's body was so warm only buckets of ice water could help. She felt a small hand sliding down the arc of her back, along her smooth bum and right between...

- 'Cuddles!' - she hissed - 'What the hell are you..?'

Her younger colleague just hugged her harder, her small fingers reached Sunny's gap. Sunny twitched slightly, her ears stood up erected like she just sensed an incoming danger. She felt Cuddles's finger pushing in. What the...?! Second finder joined in and she felt they actually went in and out. In and out again. Seriously? She swallowed, her thighs moved unconsciously. Suddenly, she felt a weak bite on her ear. Are you fucking kidding me? She twisted her head and looked right into Cuddles's big shiny eyes. Her fast breath was almost burning. Great, just fucking great. 

Sunny listened but everyone else was sleeping tight. Alright, let's get this over with fast, no diplomacy will work here, not anymore. There was only one thing she could do. 

She turned around and laid a strong kiss on Cuddles's lips, biting hard, sticking her tongue deep inside hybrid's mouth. Cuddles's eyes widened in surprise, her hand slid out of Sunny's pink hole. Sunny grabbed her wrists and rolled Cuddles on her belly, shoving her face into the pillow. She reached down, pulled small panties aside and pushed a couple of fingers into the trembling small pussy. Cuddles's body arced, Sunny could hear a quiet moan. She started fingering her younger sister fast, fingers all covered in juices within seconds. Fuck. She could see Cuddles started grabbing sheets, her young body trembling and twisting, like a fish taken out of a water. A muffed scream. Did she break her hymen? Sunny pressed her to the bed with one hand, as firmly as she could, then pulled her other hand's fingers out of the little wet cunny and shoved them right under the bushy tail. Cuddles jolted, letting out a loud groan. 

'Quiet now, girl.' - Sunny leaned over her, whispering, her fingers buried up to her knuckles in a trembling bum, her long hair stroking Cuddles's face. 'Be quiet and I'll give your body what it needs.' 

She started drilling, pushing her long fingers in and out repeatedly, Cuddles wincing and moaning into the pillow. She was wondering for a moment if she's not going too hard but her younger colleague was clearly enjoying the ride. Her virgin butt must have been so sensitive, bushy tail was shaking and twisting in all directions like crazy, hitting and rubbing Sunny's face over and over again. Finally, she felt her sister's tiny anus tensed incredibly hard, she was clearly about to come. Sunny delivered one final push, barely getting it all in, really holding it there and finally, with a long whimper Cuddles fell on the bed, completely soft, trembling like a new born kitten. 

Unfazed, the generator was still humming, efficiently participating in this unusual act of camaraderie. 

Sunny turned Cuddles on her back. Little hybrid was all covered in sweat, her top rolled up her chin, her flat chest glistening in the dark, small hard nipples inviting. Sunny licked her lips, glanced around making sure the rest of the squad remains asleep. She wasn't quite done yet. All this fun made her hungry and now she wanted some too. 

She leaned over and started licking Cuddles's nipples, sucking them and rubbing her face against them. There were so tiny and stiff! Cuddles covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming. How cute. Sunny started licking her trembling hands, nose, soft whiskers and closed eyes. No, no, you're not going to hide now. 

'My turn' - she whispered to Cuddles's ear.

Sunny pulled her long legs up, sit on the bed and then straddled Cuddles's head, lowering her crotch right over her younger sister's blushed face. She looked down.

'Do it.' - her long hair almost touching Cuddles's face. 'Please...'

Cuddles uncovered her mouth, still breathing heavy. Her big eyes looking at Sunny with devotion. She grabbed Sunny's thighs, lowered her even more and started licking and kissing tight slit with her tongue. Sunny swallowed, she felt sweat running down her face. That felt nicer than she thought it will. She started rubbing her crotch against Cuddles's face, pressing a bit harder, trying to control herself. God.. it feels so good. Suddenly, she felt something getting into her bum. She gasped, feeling Cuddles's finger fighting its way in. She reached back, grabbed her hand and pushed. All the way in. Fuck. Oh, fuck.

She started riding gently Cuddles's face, heat waves spreading through her body, one after another. Stroking gently her young colleague's messy hair and soft ears, she was getting lost in the sensation. Finally, she felt it coming hard, she grabbed Cuddles's hair, gasping. Her sister noticed that, shove her tongue deep, sucking on her delicate pussy lips hard. Sunny started shaking like in a fever, wave of orgasm rolled over her, hitting her so hard she almost screamed. She grabbed the bunk, biting her arm, moaning loudly. The bed squeaked loudly. She remained in this position for a while, heart beating fast, eyes closed, ears perking up, still sitting on Cuddles's face. Finally, she looked down. Her colleague was looking up at her, her face all wet, looking as adorable as only she does. 

Sunny quickly laid down next to her, covering them both with the blanket. Cuddles hugged her, shoving her head under her arm, like a duckling. Sunny almost burst laughing. 

'What are you doing?' - she stroked Cuddles's fluffy ears. 'They are so big, almost twice as big as mine.' 

Cuddles looked up at her with her big eyes.

'Better now?' - Sunny sighed, putting back her usual mask of annoyance and irritation. - 'Will you be able to sleep now?'

Cuddles nodded approvingly.

'OK, good. Sleep then.' - Sunny took a long, deep breath and exhaled loudly. - 'Let's hope you won't get any more nightmares tonight.'

Cuddles put her leg around Sunny's hips. Her bushy tail interweaved Sunny's.

'I won't'. - she smiled. - 'Not tonight'. 

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Dark Ministry is creating R18 NSFW 映像、成人向け, 小説, & エッチ

Welcome to post-apocalyptic setting featuring +18 stories and artworks as well as dev news of an upcoming VN game.