How Does Internet Radio Work?

Internet radio online is a digital live audio broadcast via the Internet with the use of a CD player or headphones. Broadcasting over the Internet is commonly known as webcasting, as it isn't transmitted widely through conventional radio means. Internet radio online is becoming more popular with music lovers in recent times, and this is mainly because it allows you to enjoy music without having to spend a huge amount of money. Many mainstream radio stations are now offering webcasts, which means you can listen online to your favorite music and news programs whenever you want. All you need is an Internet connection, headphones or a computer, and you are ready to listen. But do you know how radio online works?

Internet radio is transmitted by two different types of services. Real-time webcasting, which is the most common, broadcasts the broadcast directly to the listeners without delay. Listener remote control, which offers more control than real-time webcasting, also offers a way for the listener to interact with the radio show. The latter method is more suitable for those who want to interact with the program, listen to specific songs, request rewind/forward, etc.

There are a couple of radio stations that offer Internet radio online services. ecouter virgin radio is one such radio service, which guarantees syndicated radio online content. XM Internet Radio provides the same service for cordless users. But if you want to enjoy Internet radio online then you might need special software or a plug-in to be able to do so. Some free radio stations also offer Internet radio, but they are very slow and seldom updated.


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