How to gather nodes with resources

There is a lot to get started on in Slime Rancher 2. Thank goodness, slime science's wonders have made living easier than ever. But you can only do that if you transport all the materials to the Refinery, where they will be processed and used by the Fabricator to create the desired goods. And there is only one way to obtain materials for slime science. Yes, by completing it yourself. Here's how to gather Slime Science supplies from resource nodes in Slime Rancher 2.

What are resources for slime science?

Along with plorts, slime science materials are essential for advanced products in the fabricator. You'll need to locate them and deposit them into your refinery or, more conveniently, into the refinery links because they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and rarities. Other than for slime science, they have no other purpose.
How to gather nodes with resources gmail

Obviously, you'll need to use your vacpac to suck up the resource nodes as you encounter them, but not as it currently functions. Ironically, you'll need to look into a vacpac upgrade using slime science.

Click on the first item on the list after entering the Fabricator, which is below the Conservatory. The Harvester of Resources You only need a few Newbucks and ten cotton plorts, which are easy to come by rolling around on the Rainbow Fields' floors.

Shoot the ten cotton plorts into the refinery after you get them all, and as long as you have enough Newbucks, you can create the upgrade. It will use up the resources and be immediately applied to your vacpac.

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