Games for Android TV that are essential and are downloaded for free

If you have a Smart TV or player that includes the Android TV operating system inside , you should know that there are a good number of games with which you can hang out with a large screen. We show some of those that we consider essential to get the most out of your device.

All the developments that we have chosen offer full compatibility with Google development, so you will not have any problems when executing them (unless you have a very old version of the operating system, something that is already rare). In addition, there is something that makes all the games that you find highly recommended: they are free , so at zero cost you can spend good times with friends and family in front of your Smart TV.

Something that we believe is very important is that, to obtain the best experience of use, the ideal is to use an external control (to be able to be Bluetooth to avoid the use of cables), since in this way the experience is much better and they can avoid restrictions by enjoying all titles, such as action or racing titles.

The best games to run on Android TV
Next, we leave the download links of each of the works that, for fun and compatible, are an excellent option to use on televisions that use the Google operating system. They are as follows:

Asphalt 8 mod : Airborne
If you like cars and speed, this development should not be missing on your television with Google's operating system. Good graphics that are surprisingly not very demanding and, in addition, the number of models that can be driven is very high. Many types of careers and challenges make this one of those developments that you should not miss.


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