Google unites the Chromecast and Android TV in an exclusive player

Google has presented a new Chromecast with Android TV that will allow us to control it using a remote with a bluetooth connection. Only for developers.
Android was born as a mobile operating system, but soon Google saw the potential it had and began to carry out spin offs for all kinds of products. The most striking due to its scope was Android TV , but it never came to fruition in a massive way, as it did on phones.

However, Google did not give up and in a twist to the concept of using Android on TV created the Chromecast , arguably the company's most successful hardware device.

Now he has decided to unite both concepts is a new Chromecast that will integrate the Android TV operating system, uniting the best of both worlds, as we already have in other devices such as the Xiaomi Mi Box . Of course, the device in question will not be sold to the public and will be relegated to the realm of developers so that they can test their apps for Android TV.

If so, you can also use another application to watch on SSS, which is titanium apk.


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