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Hi. my name is Aslind!
I'm a student of art and majored in animation. Even though I majored in animation, I find making 2D artworks to be way more fun and enjoyable rather than doing animation. I've drawn stuff for a quite a long time, tried some kind of art styles and I am still learning and trying to improve my drawing skills at the moment. I mostly draw R-18 now but I also likes to draw other stuffs like characters from an anime or games that I played before.

I like to just upload my artworks here for my supporters to enjoy fully and you can see my old stuffs as long as you are willing to scroll down thru a bunch of posts :D

Well enough of that and let's get to the important thing, these are some samples of my safe artworks:

At the current time I am working on my artbook project which features up to 24 images of characters from various fandom! The fourth vol is on the work at the moment which will be a compilation from the other 3 and featuring a new content

Here's some sneak peek from the previous volumes:

These artbooks are going to be given freely to supporters with the appropriate tier on the next month after they pledge and it goes the same for future artbooks. If you decide to be a patron despite this lousy introduction I thank you from the depth of my heart and I hope you will enjoy your stay!

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