The Three Technological Tools Used by The Top Fulfillment Centers in India

If you are company is not making the most of the different technical tools implemented by the third-party logistics providers, you could be at a disadvantage from your competitors in the industry. These highly advanced technologies not only help automate the supply chain but also reduce manual labor and efficiently manage the different logistical aspects of the supply chain. Here are the three most important technologies that the top fulfillment centers in India cannot get enough of. 

Order Management Software: OMS or Order Management Software systems oversees the entire order fulfillment process starting from the inventory to the delivery of the order at the correct address and even the reverse logistics. Highly advanced algorithms are used for 3PL management that not only accelerate the time taken for an order to be completed but also help you reduce the costs involved and optimize the network for maximum productivity and efficiency. Most importantly, geared with real-time data about the market you can now plan your production and inventory better.

Inventory Management Software: Inventory Management Software specialize in managing the inventory as the name suggests and offers live tracking of every product going in and coming out. IMS or Inventory Management Software Systems is probably one of the most important management software technologies that are vital for your business’s overall success. With the help of IMS third party logistics providers can cut down on production, warehousing, and inventory costs considerably while at the same time expanding the company’s reach and providing the same level of customer service. 

Transport Management Software: Transportation is one of the many aspects of a supply chain. The manufactured products need to be first transported from the supplier to the warehouse or storage unit and then to the shipping site. The 3PL management agencies use Transportation Management Software systems for ensuring that the order fulfillment is completed without any glitches while the expenses are kept at a minimum by optimizing the routes taken and protecting your gods from all sorts of damage end route.


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