(ING)Important Notices

More important news than Ogura Anko
Thank you for supporting Ogura Anko.

I'm sorry for the sudden thing.

This time, I have an important notice.


We have been contacted by Enty management, and the content is that the cash flow status of Enty management has deteriorated and the support money has not been paid since last month.

I received an official explanation that the support money will be paid later, but I will continue to implement the following contents.


Please read the following contents carefully and cooperate with us.

(1) From December 2020, we will stop publishing new works on Enty.


After December 2020, please stop continuing support at Enty.


(2) Please do not start new support.

※Please do not purchase past posts as well as normal support start.


(3) We will continue to produce and update unfinished works posted on Enty.


(4) If you can no longer distribute your work on Enty, we will publish a Zip file with password lock on Pixiv Fanbox.

Identity verification and Zip file passwords will be notified using Pixiv's message function.

To do this, please register for a Pixiv account.


Be sure to back up Enty's personal information required for identity verification.
● User name
● ID
● Year and month of support



I want to stop support


Enty Help Center Support Desk


Contact Us


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おぐらあん子 is creating 限定イラストの公開

プロフィールを必ずお読みください。Please be sure to read the profile.
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