Demo is out~!

What? You think I'm joking because it's April fool?

Of course not! I'm so serious about this, that I'm not even joke about this at April fool!

So you can count on me to give you some great content~! >w</


english demo


By the way, since I'm serious right now

I can give you some promise of which I will put into the game


1. over 30 of hentai scenes. (right now have around 22 scenes is finish.)

2. english voice acting for each hentai scenes.(not sure will it also have voice acting in normal scenes,since I only have limit of budget.QwQ)

3. ervery weekly update report and hentai scene for surpporter.

4. english language version and chinese language version.(not sure about japanese,because my friend seem being infected by the virus right now)

5. other artist art work for collectable item. (they had already agree,and you will see the link when you use the item.)


Please help me to achieve my dream goal~

every surpport is very importent for me!













1. 超過30個H場景(目前大約畫好了22個)

2. 每個H場景都會有英語配音(不確定普通場景會不會有,因為我預算有限QwQ)

3. 每周回報進度+H圖給所有的支持者

4. 英文版本和中文版本(日文不確定,因為我朋友好像被病毒影響到了)

5. 其他繪師的作品會出現在遊戲中當作可收集類物品(已獲得同意,同時會附上作者名+連結)




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