"GENSHI" is creating "NSFW Art and Game Developing"

Hello, world! My name is GENSHI. I'm painting NSFW art and NSFW game developing. I am in need patrons that cheering and supporting for my original contents. Please support me and ‘The Courtesans Palace of Mystics’ ! 


My name is GENSHI.

I'm drawing and painting NSFW art and NSWF game developing.
I have made my original contents, ‘The Courtesans Palace of Mystics’.

I hope to make more art works and games.
Also, my aims many years continuing art and game developing activities.
So, I am in need patrons that cheering and supporting for my original contents.
Please support me and ‘The Courtesans Palace of Mystics’ !

I will start developing NSFW novel game (Japanese style ADV game) .
My visual game is updating evry three month. (About roadmap to 2017, please read this post.)

Now, version of my game is version 4.
The title is ‘Welcome to the Courtesans Palace of Mystics’.
(My game is in Japanese. It is not translated into English.)

The game is updated, I send DL pass to patrons.
If you become 5$+ patron, you can get latest version of my novel game.
(But my progress may only update if either art or game. For example, it's when I'm very busy with work of a company.)


About Censorships
In Japan, person may be arrested for making uncensored adult contents even if they use foreign servers.
So, all in my HENTAI art contains the censorship in genital.
It is the same about Layered PSD,censorships are enbedded on some layer, to avoid my arrest in Japan.

About Full Color Art and Game Art.
Censeorship patterns is pixelized censors.

About Sketch, Character Profile and Line Art.
Censeorship patterns is black bar censors.

About Tumbnails.
Censeorship patterns is heart marks.

If you can convince to the above reasons, please become my patron and support me.
Please note that my HENTAI arts in this Patreon are for NSFW(Adult Only).
And I'm all draw the original art, I do not draw fan art.
In addition, I won't draw Gore/ Violence/ Maybe other too extreme fetishes.

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