"Asanagi" is creating "Manga and Illustrations"

I draw girl's smiles and HAPPY ENDINGS.  



My name is Asanagi of circle Fatalpulse.
My creations range from various illustrations of girls to hardcore adult manga; mainly for online publications and conventions such as Comic Market.

I have previously released illustrations that are NSFW on twitter but my account was suddenly suspended in 2015,
leaving me without a means to release future work.
I have yet to receive an explanation for the suspension.

As restrictions to artistic expression continue to expand, especially for those of us who work in these
specialized genres, we are left with fewer and fewer avenues to show our work.
Now with Enty, I hope to connect directly with those of you who are fans of the Asanagi brand of hardcore adult entertainment; free from any censorship from third parties.

Even as society fights to silence those it deems unworthy, your support will keep Asanagi working to deliver ever greater work.  We will fight to bring you:
"Art the corporations will fear.  Art the People will rejoice.  For your eyes only!"

I intend to bring you weekly updates with new work, but that may slow down as I must prioritize doujin and commissions from publishers.  In that case I will keep you updated on the progress of that work.

As I am just starting to get this operation running, there will be a lack of content in the beginning, but with
your help and support I hope to build this up and continue to draw everything I can for you.
Thank you very much.

10.2016 English plan updated. 
Please read 

Originally you couldn't see my old doujinshi without buying them, but from now I will put some of my old doujinshi on continuous accessibility if you are a patron.
At the moment, 
VG14  https://enty.jp/posts/14328
VG16  https://enty.jp/posts/31585
are available without restrictions if you are a patron.

Because my English is not very good, I will use Google Translate to translate English conversation on the forums. Please forgive me if the conversation is not fluent.

Some of the content I make available here on Enty is for patrons only. Please don't let other members' contributions go to waste. That content is for the personal use of contributors only, so please do not reuse or reproduce it publicly.

Doujinshi translation is supported by 2D Market(https://2d-market.com/).
You can also buy translated doujin individually here!
Thank you for English translation. Randou and ShindoL.

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