"Mantis-X" is creating "3DCG ロリ "

ごめんね、でも日本語を分かりません。 (Sorry, I don't understand Japanese) ;; Characters are 18+ years old 


(Sorry, I don't understand Japanese) ;;



Hello there!

I have been doing 3D art since late 2009, primarily using a program called Blender. Through the years I have learned how to model, texture, and animate my own models and in my own style. It has
been my primary hobby throughout this time period and I am very passionate about it.

I have decided to stretch out a bit and dip into the NSFW scene on Enty in order to supplement my "day job". I plan on releasing various renders, pictures, and mini-comics, along with full-fledged animation using my models.

With your support I will be encouraged to try out new things and improve the quantity/quality of my works. Support will also go towards improving my own quality of life, and help me move forward in the world on my own two feet!

For the time being I plan on releasing all my content to everyone. Supporters get a few extra goodies and some higher-resolution content.



*All characters depicted herein are 18 years of age or older*


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