"ApplePopsicle" is creating "BIOSE"

Making [BIOSE], R-18 game 


Currently working on Alpha version.

Game's download link is opened for every supporters until the beta version is launched

■ Introduction

Thanks for visit. This is Applepopsicle's article page.

This page contains BIOSE's progress status, and download link, etc.

Summary post is provided for supporters.

also, download link for the game is provided about a month earlier.

there's many other things that supporters can get, like participate on vote.

you can check the plan indicator on the right side for more details.


※ secondary distribution, editing withour permission is not allowed in any cases.

■ About BIOSE

BIOSE is planned to contains 4 different areas

currently working on area 1

<image will be added as game develops>


■ About Beta-version open

Supporters can access to download link a month earlier than the others.

non-supporters also can play the game, but a month later from update date.

The reason beta open is exclusive for supporters is to slow down the bug report speed, and prevent other incidiences.

you can launch the game by open the 'OpenGL.exe' file.

Contact me if you can't launch the game for some reason. I will try to solve the problem as far as I can.


p.s. please let me know if you find some awkward expression or grammar error on my page. 

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