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We are currently suspending the registration of new supporters at Enty.
The reason is that the payment of the support money from Enty is significantly delayed.
It will take a long time to normalize payments.


Ci-en also offers the same service, so if you would like to support us, please use Ci-en.
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Dear first timers and regular supporters, Hello and Thank you for reading!
My name is KAIRI SOFT, and we are the producers of Adult-oriented Action games.
With the crowdfunding support which lasted 3 years, we created and released "Guilty Hell-The White Goddess and the City of Zombies" to much acclaim ↓

Apologies to Mac (Apple iOS) users, as it Does not work on Mac! We recommend checking the operation status with the trial version!
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Activities at Enty
At Enty, we will tell you about the latest production status of Guilty Hell II (a pseudonym), which is the sequel to "Guilty Hell-The White Goddess and the City of Zombies".
We are still very much in the early stages of production and each and every bit of your support counts, so please send us your kind support by sending your funds to make this continuation of the story a reality.
Please read [[This blog post]] for the newest and latest contents for posts on Enty.
Every month on my blog I will update you with information that will keep you in the loop, but not so much to spoil the final product!




This game includes slight elements of Ryona






The following is information for those who supported us before August 8, 2019.


Notice to those who supported (notation on end credit)



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