"William" is creating "エロティックな 3D CGI : 本, アニメーション, ゲーム"

My photo realistic 3DCG renders tell interesting stories 


I am William.

This text is in English (I think :P). Sorry.

I have got better software and started a new prtoject. I will update soon.

(Actually, I was looking for a partner in japan to sell my work on DMM when I found this site)


New Game Intro:


These previous games are from the legacy system 


Game Episodes (from 3 onward all episodes are played from a single log-in): 
Episode 6 : Market Queen - This episode blows everything previously out of the water. Story leads to 24 interactive sex animations for all 6 player character appearances. Interactive means you can switch between 3 cameras and increase or decrease the level of penetration. I've also created pre-loaders so all images and animations are fast. Actions include licking, sucking (both twice, one outside, one inside), cowgirl, doggie, anal, anal creampie. Takes a while to get there with 8 new NPCs, 5 of which animated, over 15 new scenes, over 10 interactive dialogues. 
Episode 5 : Ghost - Enter another layer of reality where a Mage explains some things about Queensport while two Elven sisters show you how much they love each other. Completing this story mission unlocks more camera angles in future episodes. 
Episode 4 : Seducing Amy - Introducing city navigation, an economy, various locations and renewed area exploration you'll need to find clues and spend some money (which you can also earn) to seduce Amy in this encounter.
Episode 3 : Poolside - your patience will be tested while you watch how one girl plays with another before you can join them.